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Jules   April 13, 2020   Leave a Comment Career / 'Crash', Media / Article

Whilst the depiction of sex and violence in films has often been the main focal point for the British Board of Film Classification’s decision making, never have the two been combined more provocatively in mainstream cinema as in the film Crash. This film is about a group of people who seek sexual gratification through car crashes. The film’s controversial subject matter led to a scathing review by critic Alexander Walker in the Evening Standard when he had seen it prior to its UK release at the Cannes film festival in 1996. This would start a ball rolling which despite its eventual uncut 18 certificate a year later would culminate in the banning of the film by Westminster and four other local councils. This was after a nationwide campaign against the film was engineered by the Daily Mail newspaper and its often hysterical film critic Christopher Tookey. Continue reading here

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