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Jules   May 31, 2020   Leave a Comment Career / 'Ultron', Media / Article

With Ex Machina turning five years old this year, here are the best performances ever given for robot characters in film.

6. James Spader As Ultron In Avengers: Age Of Ultron
The MCU has been host to a number of fantastic villains, but none are more charmingly evil than Ultron in the second Avengers film. James Spader’s motion capture and vocal performance as the metal god make this character memorable, especially in what many consider to be the weakest film in the Avengers saga. Ultron’s constantly-changing form serves as the film’s ticking clock that our heroes are constantly racing against. Add in the constant religious metaphors and other witticisms, and you have a recipe for the MCU’s most underrated villain thus far.

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