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  June 12, 20 0 CommentMedia / Article
‘The Breakfast Club’ was released in the UK 35 years ago this week. To celebrate, Clarisse Loughrey explores the work of one of cinema’s most influential clan of actors In spring 1985, New York (...)
  June 12, 20 0 CommentMedia / Article
James Spader has become a beloved TV actor thanks to The Office, Boston Legal, and, of course, The Blacklist. But these are his 10 best film roles. Continue here
Reddington is a man with a lot of enemies… but which are the most cunning, that he really struggles to fight on The Blacklist? Continue here
With Ex Machina turning five years old this year, here are the best performances ever given for robot characters in film. 6. James Spader As Ultron In Avengers: Age Of Ultron The MCU has (...)
Raymond Reddington, the main character in NBC’s hit show The Blacklist, is a man of many words, so let’s check out his best quotes. Continue here
Whilst the depiction of sex and violence in films has often been the main focal point for the British Board of Film Classification’s decision making, never have the two been combined more provocatively in (...)
  April 10, 20 0 CommentMedia / Article
The Invisible Man is not the only movie to give us a new take on a classic monster. 7. Wolf (1994) Another critical dud whose reputation has grown with time, Wolf stars Jack Nicholson (...)
Since the beginning of The Blacklist Raymond Reddington’s true identity has been shrouded in mystery, but will the show ever reveal the truth? Continue reading here
Michael Scott might be THE boss of the Office, but after he left, how doe Robert California compare on the show? Continue reading here
The Blacklist has the world enticed, to say the least. The award winning show currently boasts a whopping rating of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8/10 on IMDB. Continue reading here